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"I can honestly say that I was amazed at the depth and accuracy of my astrocartography session ...."

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"Honestly Moses this is the most right on that any one has been about what is going on in my life right now. You are truly gifted and have made me one step closer to being a true believer ..."

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"The tapes are amazing!"

"I have been truly inspired with many of the things you had to say ..."

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"I've been working with the Abundance Bottle for some time now. It's quite amazing ... Abundance bottles for everyone!!!"

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"The moonstone essence had an immediate impact on my menstrual cycle, which had always been a time I dreaded ..."

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"I can only tell you that in comparison to what I find on the store shelf, your essences feel 'alive' with energy! ..."

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"I don't know what's in that bottle or what it's supposed to do, but I love it ... It seems to support my femininity in an energetic, real way, from the inside out. Instead of trying to be more attractive, it woke me up to the part of me that is attractive ..."

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"He has a vast and extensive knowledge of astrology and its many facets, both Western and Eastern ... I have greatly enjoyed our journey and learned much from our lessons"

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"The astrology readings I have received from Moses Siregar have been extremely insightful and helpful ... I consider him a very talented and gifted astrologer ... "

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"I found my astrology reading to be the THE most accurate rendition of "ME" and my life that I have ever heard. It was like talking to someone who knew my soul intimately and felt my fears and doubts. It explained a lot of things to me that I sensed intuitively but had never been able to quite put a finger on. And through, you, Moses, I now have "hope." And that was something I had begun to anchor, my rock...."hope." Thank you, Moses, for not only allowing me to talk to you like a friend, but also to "hear" my heart and to show me ways the future can lead me to the destiny I seek."

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Some Flower Essence Testimonials

With Astrologer/Flower Essence Practitioner
Moses Siregar III

Info: Astrologer Moses Siregar III's Private Astrological Readings and Flower Essence Consultations

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Hear a recent Astrology Session and Flower Essence testimonial left on my answering machine:

"I've been working with the Abundance bottle for some time now. It's
quite amazing. This [re-]order is for my daughter ... I have referred you to a number of my clients … Your work is quite profound and the energy you have gathered in the essences continues to inspire.

As an aside, when I ordered my bottle, I was down to my last $60 in the bank. The tide has turned, thank you very much. Abundance bottles for everyone!!!"
-Clare Goodwin, Belchertown, MA (from email)

"Dear Moses, I have been meaning to write with news on your Abundance Essence, but my responsibilties and INCOME have soared since I started taking it ... Thank you for all you do to help others. Truly,"
- Susan Prowell, NH (from email)

Dear Moses-Thank you so much for sending me the Goddess Essence-I've never been into "Goddess" stuff and I don't know what's in that bottle or what it's supposed to do, but I love it.

After I got it from you I started taking one drop every morning. The first thing I noticed was I started dressing differently, (more goddess-like :), I'm serious!! Second I now have a really great boyfriend, and it seems like we have the potential for a serious future together.

It seems to support my feminity in an energetic way, real way, from the inside out, instead of "trying" to be more attractive, it woke up the part of me that is attractive. Seems like it would be a great gift for almost any woman."
-Gail Allison, Santa Fe, NM (from email)

"... Your flower essences are so much more powerful than the one's I've gotten from [elsewhere], and I don't know what you do to them, but they're really good."
-Tauna Houghton, Maui HI (phone message)

"The moonstone essence had an immediate impact on my menstrual cycle, which had always been a time I dreaded, mostly because of the incapacitating cramps I suffered from. Within one month of taking this essence my cramps were gone, along with the other physical discomforts so commonly associated with one's "period." There have been mental and emotional shifts as well since I started taking the essence. I now view my moon time as sacred. Thank you Moses for creating this essence. I highly recommend it to all women as a profound transformational tool."
-Jennifer Lighty, Bethel, ME

"On the topic of flower essences I am both baffled and confident of their effects. It is not the type of healing that can be pinpointed. It is an energy. When paid attention to it can be felt, but most often it is in hindsight that you realize their true power. For a skeptic the first question would be, "How can you attribute changes to flower essences if the effects weren't immediate?" You just know. What changes after taking essences is deep and subconscious. A block is being removed that may have been there from birth or early childhood. Although simple awareness can bring these issues to the surface, I haven't found a better or more profound way of penetrating and navigating through the subconscious.

My life has changed in many ways since I began taking essences. My awareness and ability to identify a lesson has become sharper. I have always related through emotions, but sometimes there is no expression or action that is fitting for the feeling. In turn I thought a lot. I have existed almost solely in my head for most of my life now. Although I was beginning to be aware of the problem and how many areas of my life were affected; deep change was difficult. I was aware of the fact that most of my frustrations and "issues" were related to body. I had body hatred even though I really had no idea what I looked like. I was extremely afraid of physical failure. I couldn't identify with myself as a sexual being, and felt compelled to keep everything I learned in my head, rather than existing in the physical world. Tai Chi has helped with body awareness, but flower essences have penetrated deeper and changed my relationship with myself. I now love my body. I know what I look like, I can feel what I need for myself (ex. types of food, exercise, etc.), I have become more receptive and comfortable with sexuality, and my intuition is stronger.

One particularly amazing scenario that doesn't have anything to do with internal growth happened with the Abundance Bottle. I had just moved from Colorado with no money. After working for three months I got laid off with no pay for a month. I should have had to borrow money from my family but I received my deposit from my last apartment in Colorado. Not only did I get it back in full; the check was more than the original amount because our landlord gave us interest! Then I received some back pay I didn't know about from a job in Colorado. For Valentine's Day my aunt and uncle sent me a 100 dollar check. They have never given me anything before and didn't give anyone else this timely gift. When I went back to work a month later broke but still managing, I was coming home with twice the money the other servers were leaving with (I wait tables). I can only attribute this to the Abundance Bottle, and my trust in the universe. I have spent the last moments trying to put into words what essences have done for me and I still feel like I am not quite expressing the depth and power of the changes in my life that have occurred ever so gently. I will just have to leave it at that."
-Courtney Fincher, Asheville, NC

This is my first experience with them, and I have completely enjoyed exploring their energies! I've seen flower remedies around forever, but wasn't attracted to them as I never really felt any energy from them (perhaps it's too subtle for me to tune into). However, the instant I reached into the envelope to unpack your essences, I could feel their vibration, and I thought 'Hmmmmm........THIS is going to be fun!". Perhaps they felt stronger to me because they were what I needed? Don't know, but I can only tell you that in comparison to what I find on the store shelf, your essences feel "alive" with energy!

I've already seen a big shift in terms of aligning with their vibrations ... I thank you for making such a wonderful tool for spiritual growth available--they're fantastic!
-Barbara Haines, Waddy, KY

"I have only been on Self-Forgiveness formula for 3 weeks and I am amazed at how differently I feel. The last numbers of years have been most difficult ... I am feeling much more peace at this time. Thank you for this process.

I am having such success with Self-Forgiveness ... Thank you and many blessings."
-Judy Dudiak, Santa Barbara, CA

"Dude, your Abundacey Potion is working like mad. like, holy golf balls!"
-SM, Colorado Springs CO

"Just a note to tell you how effective I found the first bottle of your Abundance that I ordered. I didn't use it every day, but when I did use it, just about every time some amount of money came my way or some other manifestation of abundance. Although, I didn't win the lottery, all those little bits convinced me that with the essence I was really in the flow."
-Mala Simha, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

.You did an astrology reading for me a year ago and sent me some essence to help me move out of heavy emotional states that surround relationship. I don't know what it was but it's effect was profound."
-M.D. Makawao, HI

"I like the drops. Hard to describe, but I feel more able to let go of things I don't need to be holding on to, especially in the mental realm."
-L.H., SC

"Hi Moses,

I have been taking the first of the Self Esteem flower essence ... The first formula worked wonderfully, and I am eager to start the second."


And Many, Many, Many More ...

In Joy,