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Interpreting Pluto
Copyright 2000-2001--Moses Siregar III

Pluto is like an atomic bomb. There is great destruction with Pluto, and great pain. But after its devastation comes a chance for a new life purified from the past. Pluto brings us to True Power, which is only born out of integrity, honesty, and complete surrender to the One Will. From this place of deep peace and wholeness, we are one with Power itself. Pluto's job is to strip away from us all that is false and unreal. All lust, greed, seeking, desire, and need is purified in its fire, until we come to the non-dualistic realization that, in every moment, what is most important is not absent. Only from this place where we have no desire for any kind of gain or increase (which would affirm that we are in lack), can the Universe trust us with its Power. Pluto's not pretty, but then it really doesn't care what you think. Pluto sees the real you, which has nothing to do with the desires of your separate-self sense, and so it often puts you through great pain, lovingly, because it is trying to peel off from you the illusory covering of the ego. Pluto slowly brings one to the realization that nothing Real can ever be threatened.

In a birth chart, Pluto's house placement is most important, but its sign is also very important, much moreso than the other outer planets. In a basic sense, Pluto's house shows an area where we will go through purifying extremes, where great pain has probably occurred, and through what channel we can master our depths if we are willing to do the work. Then Pluto's house shows a place where we can attain great mastery and power.

From an evolutionary perspective: Pluto's house shows where one's destiny or deep purpose lies (like the Dharma Point and North Node). But, by themselves, Pluto's house and sign placements indicate areas where we can also become stuck in the comfort of the past tendencies unless we fulfill Pluto's 'polarity point,' which is the point 180 degrees opposite Pluto (in the opposite sign and house). In this sense, Pluto operates in a way similar to the South Node, and its polarity point operates like the North Node. But what is more important than Pluto's polarity point is Pluto's placement itself. Integrating the qualities from Pluto's actual and opposite sign and house can be seen as primary evolutionary life directions, with Pluto's own placement being the most important. (This is my paraphrase of Jeffrey Wolf Green's approach, combined with other information I have gathered and found to be true)

To study your Pluto, go through the first section of the tutorial (Using parts 1 & 2 of the Course/Tutorial Together) and consider the following things about the astrological letter naturally related to the house and sign which your Pluto is in (see the diagram or the alphabet for help).
First I recommend going through the list twice:

  1. Think about how there are elements of this house/sign combination which is already too easy for you. Think about how these departments already come naturally, and show your natural inclinations and tendencies.
  2. Simultaneously, meditate on how this house/sign combination is a primary intention of your soul for growth and experience in this lifetime. Realize what a positive and important purpose there is for you in exploring this realm.
Begin here

Then determine the polarity point, which is the opposite sign and house of your own natal Pluto. For example, Pluto in Virgo in the fourth house has it's polarity point as Pisces in the 10th house.
Then read through the list once:
  1. Meditate the opposite sign and house, and reflect upon the growth that happens for you when you bring in these areas and qualities. Recognize the importance of these areas as well for your conscious growth, and how these qualities can support you to fulfill the indication of Pluto's house and sign. You can read the polarity point's sign/house as being like the North Node, and Pluto's sign/house as being like the South Node on The Twelve Nodal Polarities. Ultimately, though, the house/sign of Pluto is more important than the polarity point of Pluto.

Pluto Aspects
All the difficult aspects [square (90) and opposition (180) mainly, then the quincunx (150) and semi-square (45) have subtler, but still important meaning] to Pluto indicate places where we compensate for some deeper pain by misusing a planetary function to support the ego, and also usually a resistance to integrating, and living out of, our power. Our misuse, addiction to, or suppression of the planet making a difficult aspect to Pluto, must be stripped away from us, until we no longer use such energies to run away from the Self.

The positive aspects to Pluto [sextile (60), trine (120), and quintile (72)] also indicate aspects of self that must be die and be reborn, but also an initially open channel for power, depth, insight, magnetism, self-control, concentration, and willpower. Conjunctions to Pluto should be considered in the light of the negative and positive aspects. Any planet in aspect to Pluto is like Persephone, who was raped (stolen) by Pluto, and forced to live in the underworld half of the time. Such a planet must become deepened and purified by dwelling often in the darkness, but must also be rescued and brought into the light of day.

Here is a very brief run-down of
difficult (trasformative) aspects involving Pluto (including conjunctions). This is only to provide a quick sketch and stimulate thought:

Pluto/Sun: Usually a strong or dark father/authority experience early in life. The person must integrate power and confidence with a silent depth. There must be powerful self-expression without ego. At times, a run-away Sun will create an excessive need for praise, love, etc.
Pluto/Moon: Early life is usually colored by at least one significant trauma. The archetypal story of monster vs. helpless victim tends to replay throughout their life (the individual playing, at times, both roles) until they heal the past. There must be a powerful integration of power with vulnerability. Nostalgia and the craving for intimacy cannot be misused to attempt to replace the hurt.
Pluto/Mercury: The mind is heavy and serious. There is great potential for mental depth and focus, including research and psychological insight. But playful, communicative Mercury must be rescued from the underworld. Also, the person cannot become too addicted to the mind without invoking Pluto's fire.
Pluto/Venus: A profoundly addictive approach to sex and relationship is usually present. All obsessive indulgence must be overcome, as it is only when the person is at one and whole within themselves that they can have relationship, sex, or pleasure without losing themselves through such things. Peace and power must become a possession of the soul first.
Pluto/Mars: Deep issues of anger and abuse must usually be healed before the person can find peace. Directness and the expression of personal will must be healed and expressed, but not overdone. Too much selfishness and ambitious drive can be misused to conceal and hide from deep pain. Self-control leads to great depth and power.
Pluto/Jupiter: The principle of fun and joy has been raped by the god of the underworld. Great power and depth are present, but the adventurous youth principle must be rescued, without being overdone or exaggerated, to allow the individual to receive happiness in life.
Pluto/Saturn: A general and major difficulty with Pluto (and Saturn) is indicated. Very deep healing and transformation is required of this individual. Great worldly and transformational power is present if the person can harness it.
Pluto/Chiron: Profound woundedness is present, which can fester as victimhood and rage. But if one can take responsibility for one's own life, and emphasizes personal healing and forgiveness, one already possesses immensely powerful skills, gifts, and insight, and so can be of very great service to others.
Pluto/Uranus: (see Uranus page)
Pluto/Neptune: (have been in sextile for a long time)

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