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"I can honestly say that I was amazed at the depth and accuracy of my astrocartography session ...."

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"Honestly Moses this is the most right on that any one has been about what is going on in my life right now. You are truly gifted and have made me one step closer to being a true believer ..."

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"The tapes are amazing!"

"I have been truly inspired with many of the things you had to say ..."

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"I've been working with the Abundance Bottle for some time now. It's quite amazing ... Abundance bottles for everyone!!!"

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"The moonstone essence had an immediate impact on my menstrual cycle, which had always been a time I dreaded ..."

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"I can only tell you that in comparison to what I find on the store shelf, your essences feel 'alive' with energy! ..."

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"I don't know what's in that bottle or what it's supposed to do, but I love it ... It seems to support my femininity in an energetic, real way, from the inside out. Instead of trying to be more attractive, it woke me up to the part of me that is attractive ..."

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"He has a vast and extensive knowledge of astrology and its many facets, both Western and Eastern ... I have greatly enjoyed our journey and learned much from our lessons"

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"The astrology readings I have received from Moses Siregar have been extremely insightful and helpful ... I consider him a very talented and gifted astrologer ... "

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"I found my astrology reading to be the THE most accurate rendition of "ME" and my life that I have ever heard. It was like talking to someone who knew my soul intimately and felt my fears and doubts. It explained a lot of things to me that I sensed intuitively but had never been able to quite put a finger on. And through, you, Moses, I now have "hope." And that was something I had begun to anchor, my rock...."hope." Thank you, Moses, for not only allowing me to talk to you like a friend, but also to "hear" my heart and to show me ways the future can lead me to the destiny I seek."

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Instructional Astrology Tape Series
(CD's also Available)

by Moses Siregar III

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I have listened to your Level One: Foundations Course these past few days and I have been truly inspired with many of the things you had to say, I also so enjoyed your gentle voice and found it to be really calming in amongst my chaos. I soo wish I could have had a one on one teacher like you ... Just listening to all you had to say gave me a clearer picture of some of my own chart ... I really liked your perspective on the Nodes, Exaltations, Benefics, Modes, oh heck I really enjoyed all the learning overall ... your take on things has helped me tremendously.

R Morgan — Wellington, New Zealand

Level One: The Holistic Foundations of Astrology: Six Old 90-Minute Tapes now in mp3

Special Topic: The Astrology of Compatibility and Relationships: Two Old 90-Minute Tapes now in mp3

Special Topic: Advanced Locational Astrology Class

Special Topic: "Synthesizing Western and Eastern Views of the Twelve Houses and the Moon's Nodes"

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Another Testimonial ...

I have thoroughly enjoyed " The Holistic Foundations of Astrology" tape series I received from you recently, and really resonate to your style, personality, and attitude in the way that you teach.

Suzanne Groover — Gainesville, GA

Tapes on Astrology

"The Tapes are Amazing!"
(This is back in the dinosaur age when they were cassette tapes!)

John Chinworth — Mercer Island, WA

Tapes can be ordered by credit card online through PayPal below:

Contact Phone: Toll Free: 1-86-MORE-JOYFUL –or- (928) 541-0112

Level One: The Holistic Foundations of Astrology:
Six 90-Minute Tapes

I have often been told that my astrological teachings and private sessions are unusually holistic, original, and accurate. That’s probably because I have benefited from studying the work of so many great astrologers, both Eastern and Western, as well as modern and ancient. This fun and thorough beginning-level series of tapes provides a well-rounded foundation for the study of astrology, full of unique, modern insights and perspectives. I created this series to provide one of the greatest and most enjoyable ways for anyone to begin his or her study of astrology in the new millennium.

This tape series explains such things as:

Fundamental Divisions of astrology: Masculine-Feminine, Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable, The Four Elements

Introduction to the signs, seen through the eyes of the axes, rulerships, exaltations, falls, and detriments

The crucially important, but often neglected, understanding of the operation of every planet in its fall, exaltation, rulership or detriment

A substantial introduction to synastry and the astrology of relationships

Understanding the houses from a holistic rather than atomistic perspective. Also, houses by elemental groups and by the interrelationships between houses

Understanding aspects, house systems, and rulerships

The question of benefic/malefic distinctions

An extensive explanation of the Moon’s Nodes from both a Western and Vedic perspective, including a discussion of all of the house and sign placements for the nodes

A very substantial introduction to “evolutionary,” or soul growth-oriented, views to astrology, including seven different indicators of evolutionary growth in any birth chart

Understanding the interplay of fate-oriented and free-will approaches to astrology

Introduction to a Jungian psychological model of the birth chart

And more ...

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The Cost for the Level One Series on The Holistic Foundations of Astrology is $97

The Astrology of Compatibility and Relationships:
Two 90-Minute Tapes

Many astrologers today seem to look at compatibility in a way that makes it seem as if “everything is good,” which quite obviously betrays the living reality of most people’s relationships. And many astrologers today seem content to encourage people to have relationships that could only best be described as “growth opportunities.” I work from a philosophy of 1) insisting on compatibility in relationships so that relationships can be more easy than hard, and 2) understanding how to positively communicate in relationships to transform the inevitable issues. This is a tape series that will clearly explain both the positive and negative elements in relationships as seen through the lens of astrology, and exactly what these astrological ingredients mean. This knowledge allows us to move on to better, healthier, and happier relationships, rather than just stewing in relationships that will only continue to frustrate.

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The Cost for the two tapes on The Astrology of Compatibility and Relationships is $27


Synthesizing Western and Eastern Views of the Twelve Houses and the Moon's Nodes:
Two 90-Minute Tapes

This three-hour workshop, given at the San Francisco Bay Area NCGR, is now available. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing it.

Special Topic: Advanced Locational Astrology (Astrocartography) Class

For more on this class, please view this page for the locational astrology class recordings.

In Joy,

Astrology Tapes
Moses Siregar III,
Professional Astrologer

You are welcome to ask for a full refund for any tape series if you are unhappy with it for any reason.

You can also pay by check to:

Moses Siregar III
PO Box 421
Prescott, AZ 86305

Phone: Toll Free: 1-86-MORE-JOYFUL (1-866-673-5693)
(928) 541-0112