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The Asteroids
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Cathy H. Burroughs
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The Asteroids in Astrology with Cathy Burroughs

Interpreting the Asteroids
in the Natal Chart:
by Aspect, Transit, Solar Return and Progression

Part II of V

by Cathy H. Burroughs

In Part I, we introduced the interpretation of the Asteroids in the natal chart, focusing on Vesta and Pallas Athene. Here are Juno, Ceres, the planetoid Chiron, and the conclusion. Again, the natal chart we use for this article is based on the following birth data: 2/15/54, Newton, MA, 2:18 PM. Remember it would be incomplete to interpret the Asteroid Goddesses outside of the themes of the entire chart, however, here they are telescopically examined.


In this individual's chart her Juno in Leo is located in the 2nd house of values and material possessions. Therefore, it is not surprising that she often has worked to promote (2nd house as the way you make your living) her partner's artistic and theatrical (Leo) careers (2nd house). With its close relationship to Pluto, planet of controls, this individual may have had the need to control her partner's resources.

Juno close to Pluto may also indicate painful experiences through relationships; and, in fact, this individual's checkered relationship history is marked by themes of abandonment and rejection, as well as great personal evolution. Actress Debbie Reynolds has Juno conjunct Pluto in the 10th house in the sign of Cancer. She was left by her first husband Eddie Fisher for Elizabeth Taylor, in what resulted in a high profile, and no doubt, painful scandal; and, she inherited overwhelming debts (Pluto - other's resources) through her second husband.

In Asteroid Goddesses, other psychological themes for Juno include intimacy and sharing; separation and reconciliation, as well as new prototypes for relationships. The shadow side of this expression may encompass manipulation, power issues in relationship; subjugation, codependency, deception and betrayal, as well as the issue of an independent identity outside of partnership. The mystical component of Juno explores the realms of soul mates; twin souls; soul groups; tantric sex and alchemical union.

Ceres at Home

We find the mothering impulse of Ceres, at home in this native's 4th house of Cancer, the mother, the home and the childhood, in the sign of Libra. Once again angular, this placement means that she often is the "mother" or caretaker in her relationships (Libra). With the influence of Saturn in Scorpio, sexual or emotional rejection may have been learned through the mother who in this case was married multiple times and did not demonstrate fulfillment through relationships.


Anthropologist Carlos Castaneda carved out a career writing extensively about his apprenticeship (partnership) with the Yaqui shaman Don Juan. These books chronicle his long-term partnership (Ceres), and training at the hand of Don Juan, as well as immersing us into his world of supernatural visions (Neptune).

Demetra George and Douglas Bloch describe additional psychological issues of Ceres. These may relate to principles of unconditional love and self-esteem in relationship; issues with the mother/daughter relationship; pathology of abandonment, grief and rejection; control issues with children; single parenting; transformation and connection to the birth and death process. From a mystical point of view, Ceres relates to the passage of birth, death and regeneration.

Difficult Ceres aspects may point to difficulty in individuation in the mother/daughter relationship; struggles between the husband and mother for control of the daughter; and difficulty of the daughter standing in her power vis a vis a dominant mother, husband or both.

The next most significant in this group is not an Asteroid Goddess, per say, but a cometoid or planetoid, often grouped with them: Chiron.

Chiron: Destined relationships and what she brings to the table

While Chiron, the wounded healer, is definitely not an Asteroid Goddess, he is often grouped with them, as one of a team promoting powerful female archetypes for a healthy, balanced identity. He also bridges the old way and the new way, and that which needs healing.

Both the Asteroid Goddesses and Chiron were brought into usage in the 70's, and point to alternatives to traditional patriarchal astrological interpretation. (please see the initial article of the Asteroid column: The Asteroid Goddess Gospel: Illuminating the Feminine Principal in the Chart).

Chiron is another angular placement in this chart. Remember that all angular planets, asteroids, luminaries and cometoids/planetoids are considered potent due to their placement on the cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses (the angles). The ancients considered this position to be "accidental dignity," providing additional power through its association with the angles. Think of a senatorial intern who is assigned to the Head of the Ways and Means committee and has a corner office. By association to a key player and his location of status, he or she will have increased power or influence.

In this chart, this placement points to the fact that this individual is here to heal relationships with others; parental wounds, particularly with the father; and come into her authority as a Chironic healer. It also illustrates that she may draw on a rich array of spiritual tools in her work both with clients, and in a teaching capacity. This directly relates to what she is here to accomplish on the soul level (conjunction to the North Node)


There is still much to explore, and this natal chart analysis is meant to provide a glimpse into the mysterious realm of the Asteroid Goddess. We have not yet delved into the natal chart's aspects: asteroid to asteroid and planet to asteroid, and what other information might be filtered through these. A quick look reveals a Juno/Vesta inconjunct; a Chiron/Neptune square; Pallas/Venus with Sun opposition; a Juno/Mercury inconjunct…Don't miss the aspects of the asteroids to the other planets, as well.

The examples given here are meant to provide insight into the subtle realms the asteroids may provide access to in any natal chart, enlivening, deepening and providing added psychological insight into the transformative powers of the psyche and the lost mythology of the powerful re-emergent feminine principle.

In our next installment, we will further lpursue the meanings of the aspects and current transits by and to the asteroids as they impact this chart.

More about the Asteroid Goddesses and their interpretation

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*Asteroid Goddess Report Writer- Astrolabe (also by Douglas Bloch)