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"I can honestly say that I was amazed at the depth and accuracy of my astrocartography session ...."

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"Honestly Moses this is the most right on that any one has been about what is going on in my life right now. You are truly gifted and have made me one step closer to being a true believer ..."

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"The tapes are amazing!"

"I have been truly inspired with many of the things you had to say ..."

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"I've been working with the Abundance Bottle for some time now. It's quite amazing ... Abundance bottles for everyone!!!"

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"The moonstone essence had an immediate impact on my menstrual cycle, which had always been a time I dreaded ..."

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"I can only tell you that in comparison to what I find on the store shelf, your essences feel 'alive' with energy! ..."

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"I don't know what's in that bottle or what it's supposed to do, but I love it ... It seems to support my femininity in an energetic, real way, from the inside out. Instead of trying to be more attractive, it woke me up to the part of me that is attractive ..."

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"He has a vast and extensive knowledge of astrology and its many facets, both Western and Eastern ... I have greatly enjoyed our journey and learned much from our lessons"

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"The astrology readings I have received from Moses Siregar have been extremely insightful and helpful ... I consider him a very talented and gifted astrologer ... "

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"I found my astrology reading to be the THE most accurate rendition of "ME" and my life that I have ever heard. It was like talking to someone who knew my soul intimately and felt my fears and doubts. It explained a lot of things to me that I sensed intuitively but had never been able to quite put a finger on. And through, you, Moses, I now have "hope." And that was something I had begun to anchor, my rock...."hope." Thank you, Moses, for not only allowing me to talk to you like a friend, but also to "hear" my heart and to show me ways the future can lead me to the destiny I seek."

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Welcome! I specialize in relocation astrology (astrocartography) from an East/West perspective, with over 20 years of professional experience

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New: Hear my Interviews on the subject of being a Successful Astrologer, with Steven Forrest, Robert Blaschke, Bob Mulligan, and Chris McRae


Learn About: Free Astrology Course Zone with Moses Siregar III

New: I was interviewed about Locational Astrology in episode 123 of The Astrology Podcast, by Chris Brennan The Astrology Podcast

New: I have a new public Facebook page with frequent updates: Astrology, The Cosmic Mirror with Moses Siregar

New: I have a new YouTube channel: Astrology, The Cosmic Mirror with Moses Siregar

New: I have a new Twitter account: Astrology, The Cosmic Mirror with Moses Siregar

New: I wrote an article on locational astrology featured in the book, Astrology: The New Generation

My site for my Shiatsu/Massage Practice in Prescott, AZ

New: Video Recordings of my Recent Online Locational Astrology (Astrocartography) Class

Old: Return of the Magi, A Documentary of Authentic Astrology
(I appear in the documentary)

In the Spring of 2009, Moses Became the first annual recipient of the "Stella Award," given out by the Arizona Society of Astrologers (ASA)
"In appreciation for [his] outstanding contributions to the field of astrology"

Here's Moses' first video on his new YouTube channel:

Here's Moses' Full-Length Interview in 2007 from the Documentary, "Return of the Magi"


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"I’ve known Moses for a long time now--really since he was the “hot new young astrologer on the scene.” He was good back then, but now I can only imagine what the years have taught him. Of all fields, astrology is near the top of the ones that reward rather than punish the passing of years, and for good reason: the more transits you’ve consciously experienced, the more skillful you potentially become. Take my word for it: Moses’ long dedication to our craft is fruit hanging ripe from the low branches now. Grab a session with him, soak up his wisdom and spiritual encouragement -- and tell him for me that he looks pretty good for an old guy, OK?"
-Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky, etc


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