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For Women

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For Women


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About this Wonderful
Gem Elixir Essence
For Female Balance:

Co-created by
Moses Siregar III

A Testimonial ...

The moonstone essence had an immediate impact on my menstrual cycle, which had always been a time I dreaded, mostly because of the incapacitating cramps I suffered from. Within one month of taking this essence my cramps were gone, along with the other physical discomforts so commonly associated with one's "period." There have been mental and emotional shifts as well since I started taking the essence. I now view my moon time as sacred. Thank you Moses for creating this essence. I highly recommend it to all women as a profound transformational tool.

Jennifer Lighty — Bethel, ME

Of all the many flower or gem elixir essences that I have co-created with nature, my Moonstone essence is probably the most wonderful; I say this because of the incredible feedback that has come back to me from the many women who have worked with it. I am just now offering this Moonstone essence to the public through this site, as I have not previously offered it on my Grace Flower Essences website.

Essentially, this is an essence of a white, moonlike stone that is incredible for "female balance." It is an all-around tonic for feminine power and strength, and for healing a woman's sexuality. I have shared this essence with a very large number of women, and the many who have reported back to me say that it immediately brings their menstrual cycles to complete regularity; some of these women told me that they had never before in their lives had this regularity in their cycle. Unfortunately I haven't collected all of these testimonials, but I give you my word as to their authenticity. The Moonstone elixir is equally beneficial for menopausal issues. Emotionally, this is also a very calming, centering, and stabilizing essence, and so this Moonstone elixir works very well as a rescue or emergency formula, particularly for women.

Flower essences and gem elixirs are not essential oils and they have no aromatic properties. They are vibrational elixirs co-created with nature by the same process as the Bach Remedies TM (such as Rescue Remedy TM). To automatically receive an email that will answer various questions about how these flower and gem essences work, send an email to:

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You are welcome to ask for a full refund for this Moonstone essence if you are unhappy with it for any reason.

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