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Moses Siregar III uses both Western and Vedic astrology in his astrological practice, which he began while in college in 1994. His B.A. in Religious Studies and his life devoted to spiritual activism have given him a holistic approach to astrology, blending a heart-based understanding with a wide-ranging technical proficiency.

He is among the first generation of astrologers to have gone through the full process to become ISAR CAP certified (International Society for Astrological Research, Certified Astrological Professional), after being in practice for over ten years, and passing ISAR courses in ethics and consulting skills, in addition to passing a comprehensive written exam. After going through the training, Moses was chosen as one of less than a dozen astrologers to become further certified as teachers of the ISAR Consulting Skills Training course. He started an astrological assocation while he lived on Maui, and was the first President of the Association for Young Astrologers (AYA). Moses is a certified Astro*Carto*Grapher through the Jim Lewis Continuum Foundation.

In the Spring of 2009, Moses was chosen as the first annual recipient of the Stella Award by the Arizona Society of Astrologers (ASA), "In appreciation for outstanding contributions to the field of astrology." He was also one of the astrologers featured in the book, Astorlogy: The New Generation.

In addition to his own cutting-edge approach to locational astrocartography, which goes beyond traditional Astro*Carto*Graphy methods, and healing through flower and vibrational essences, he offers individual tutoring and long-distance classes. His website offers a creative free introductory astrology course, and his email newsletter goes out to approximately 15,000 subscribers. He has been published in a variety of international journals, including The Mountain Astrologer. Moses travels teaching astrology workshops, and was among the faculty for the ISAR 2003 and 2005 Conferences, as well as the ACVA (vedic astrology) 2007 and UAC 2008 conferences. He is the organizer of The Blast, an astrology conference held in Sedona, AZ.

"My twenty odd year journey as a professional astrologer has taken me many places. I have lectured at the last two United Astrology Conferences and I am scheduled to do so again in 2002. I was on the first proposed faculty list for Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences. As a result, I count among my close friends some of the world's best astrologers. I think that I am qualified to say that the guidance I received from Moses Siregar III in our recent astrological session was invaluable and world class. This young man has talent and skills and he offers a glimpse into a bright future for astrology."

James Coleman, Professional Astrologer

”Astrology is truly seeing a renaissance, in this new generation of truly gifted and adept young people, who are, to all of our benefits, applying their wise and intuitive talents to the art of astrological interpretation.

Moses’ work is thought provoking and original, fresh and nothing short of revolutionary. As an astrologer who has been around for a very long time, I can honestly say that the work of this young man represents the exciting realization that the New order is already here. Feast your eyes, enjoy and take it all in. The work of this young astrologer is very, very important.”

—Stephanie Azaria, NYC NCGR Conference Organizer,

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He offers private astrological and flower essence sessions, as well as tutoring and classes.

Visit his flower essence line: Grace Flower Essences


Contact him Toll Free at:

1-86-MORE-JOYFUL (1-866-673-5693)



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