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"I can honestly say that I was amazed at the depth and accuracy of my astrocartography session ...."

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"Honestly Moses this is the most right on that any one has been about what is going on in my life right now. You are truly gifted and have made me one step closer to being a true believer ..."

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"The tapes are amazing!"

"I have been truly inspired with many of the things you had to say ..."

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"I've been working with the Abundance Bottle for some time now. It's quite amazing ... Abundance bottles for everyone!!!"

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"The moonstone essence had an immediate impact on my menstrual cycle, which had always been a time I dreaded ..."

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"I can only tell you that in comparison to what I find on the store shelf, your essences feel 'alive' with energy! ..."

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"I don't know what's in that bottle or what it's supposed to do, but I love it ... It seems to support my femininity in an energetic, real way, from the inside out. Instead of trying to be more attractive, it woke me up to the part of me that is attractive ..."

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"He has a vast and extensive knowledge of astrology and its many facets, both Western and Eastern ... I have greatly enjoyed our journey and learned much from our lessons"

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"The astrology readings I have received from Moses Siregar have been extremely insightful and helpful ... I consider him a very talented and gifted astrologer ... "

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"I found my astrology reading to be the THE most accurate rendition of "ME" and my life that I have ever heard. It was like talking to someone who knew my soul intimately and felt my fears and doubts. It explained a lot of things to me that I sensed intuitively but had never been able to quite put a finger on. And through, you, Moses, I now have "hope." And that was something I had begun to anchor, my rock...."hope." Thank you, Moses, for not only allowing me to talk to you like a friend, but also to "hear" my heart and to show me ways the future can lead me to the destiny I seek."

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with Astrologer Moses Siregar III

Info: Astrologer Moses Siregar III's Private Astrological Readings and Flower Essence Consultations

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I have worked with thousands of satisfied, paying clients, so the testimonials below are only a very small sample of the very positive feedback that I have received about my work.

Hear a recent Astrology Session and Flower Essence testimonial left on my answering machine:

”Astrology is truly seeing a renaissance, in this new generation of truly gifted and adept young people, who are, to all of our benefits, applying their wise and intuitive talents to the art of astrological interpretation.

Moses’ work is thought provoking and original, fresh and nothing short of revolutionary. As an astrologer who has been around for a very long time, I can honestly say that the work of this young man represents the exciting realization that the New order is already here. Feast your eyes, enjoy and take it all in. The work of this young astrologer is very, very important.”
—Stephanie Azaria, NYC NCGR Conference Organizer,

" My twenty odd year journey as a professional astrologer has taken me many places. I have lectured at the last two United Astrology Conferences and I am scheduled to do so again in 2002. I was on the first proposed faculty list for Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences. As a result, I count among my close friends some of the world's best astrologers. I think that I am qualified to say that the guidance I got from Moses Siregar III in our recent astrological session was invaluable and world class. This young man has talent and skills and he offers a glimpse into a bright future for astrology."
James Coleman, Professional Astrologer

"Moses, Thank you for the heart centered reading.... I felt so comfortable asking you questions and you actually listened! There is such a peaceful and deliciously comfortable feeling to your voice, your tone is at once deeply knowledgeable and yet humble. I feel very at peace now with my life, the direction I am going and the knowledge that yes, things are a little difficult now as far as getting the vocation/career thing to my satisfaction, but that in the near future, a more dynamic energy will manifest and I will then be able to manifest my vision.... You are in a class of your own, I have talked with other astrologers some famous some not, and have been quite disappointed in their knowledge preparation and delivery. I feel that you are evolved enough in your own development to be a source of inspiration and strength to others on an emotional and spiritual level. What a comfort. Again, thank you and I do plan on employing you in the future for a geographical reading and/or a reading for my family members. Love and joy,"
- Michelle Mann, Encinitas CA

"“Moses was extremely accurate in assisting me and my family in determining the perfect place to re-locate. We were living in a place where life was harder than it needed to be… Now our lives have never been so full. Certainly we cannot credit Moses for our astrology; however without him we would not have known about Austin Texas which is by far the most perfect place for us to live. I have had many astrology readings and other astrocartography readings besides this one and I would recommend Moses over anyone else; beyond his astrological comprehension, his energy, and his communicative abilities (which when dealing with an entire family is extremely important) are among the reasons why I offer this reference.”
-Edward Hanania, Austin, TX

"Moses allayed my fears and doubts and we both concluded that I would be happiest (when the time is right) to return to my native homeland..."St. John's, Newfoundland." I left there and have felt since then that I didn't have my "roots" anymore. Now, I KNOW that when I am ready, that is where my heart belongs. And where one's heart belongs is where they do their best work on this earth, I believe. Thank you, Moses. I had never heard of relocational astrology [or astrocartography] before, but from the insights you gave me into my life thus far, and the alignments you calculated for me from now on, I now have a guiding angel, YOU! thank for pointing me in the right direction. I will always consider you a those who sometimes come into your life for a millisecond (in spans of "time"), yet who change the trajectory of one's life forever. Thank you, Moses. Aloha!"

UPDATE a few years later:

I don't know if you remember me, but we spoke about three or four years ago, and at that time, you did a relocational 'reading' for me...and at THAT time, I was more interested in moving...if I Cape Breton, NS. You kept telling me that I needed to move back to Newfoundland, my home Province [Comment from Moses: I don't actually tell people what to do or where to move, but this is how she remembered it] ...and it wasn't really what I wanted to hear at that time, as I'd left NL under difficult circumstances and couldn't see myself coming back to live...BUT I took your advice and tucked it away until the right time came.

WELL, the right time I am now the VERY proud owner of a beautiful heritage home in Carbonear, Newfoundland, only an hour outside St. John's, which, if you check on your testimonial page (I lived in Whitby, ON) at the time, is where you told me I would end up living.

WOW!!!! I am now on the way to living my dream.
-Lucy Hodge-Corrigan, Whitby, Ontario, Canada

"But, moreover thanks for the reading. You are quite knowledgeable.I really appreciate your gifts. ... I am so appreciative for your insights. I particularly like your manner of selection, which, is much like I do in my investments. First you take the broad view and look for good possiblilities just like good investment strategy, and then like I do, you find reasons not to select certain locations, or rather look for potential pitfalls that might not exist in some other location. That is a very sound strategy. Tour research delves deeply into the matter adding other tools (from your extensive bag of tricks) rather than just straight forward chart analysis for confirmation or rejection, just like a prudent investor would do, seeking additional fundamental and technical analysis before making a major trade, since a relocation would also be major event. The refinement of your work is truly artistic! Great work MOSES, thanks."
-T.T., Dallas, TX

"...honestly Moses this is the most right on that any one has been about what is going on in my life right now. You are truly gifted and have made me one step closer to being a true believer. I feel very fortunate that you spent the time to draw this all out. Let me know when you have your online course up and running, I am definitely interested."
-Aloha, thanks and love, Amy Kersten

"Moses, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a pleasure it was to have worked with you. I played the tape of our session to [his partner] and she was just as excited as I was about what you saw happening in my future.

I must say that I awoke this morning with stronger feelings of hope and assurance than I have had in several months! I'm very glad that I contacted you!"
-Ron Matthews, Northboro, MA

"Thank you again. For all of the readings I have had over the past 35-40 years, this 'felt' like it went into my soul."
-DT (full name withheld for privacy), Providence RI

"I watched the entire cd you sent me today; you're good! Thanks again. I will definitely turn other people on to you. I sent [payment] for [another] 90 minute session; I guess it's obvious I enjoy your readings."
-Chuck Frank, San Diego, CA

"I'm sure you're used to people calling when they have problems or confusion and then after they sort it all out, live happily ever after you don't hear from them again! We called you about 2 years ago for some re-location advise. Because of other re-location information [received from other astrologers] I thought my area was ok and yet things were not going well at all! Employee theft, business dropping, lots of weird disappointments to name a few. I was amazed how quickly you saw the problem and were accommodating enough to look at potential areas for both of us. Moving our business and home...scary thought to fixed sign people! We tried to "hang in there" but things kept getting worse so we acted on your recommendations and moved 18 months ago. Here is our feedback: Within a week of exploring the recommended area we found a suitable warehouse for the business and made an offer on a beautiful home. The offer was accepted. Everything fell into place within a month. There were challenges as with any large move but in our new location we began to notice obstacles were resolving more easily, we found some very dependable employees and our business has doubled! Things are going very well for us now and I just wanted to thank you for your insight."
- Jessica Morgan, Deming NM

"What I loved about your Western/Vedic, the first one, was, for one, I felt very listened to on a soul level, and you tuned into the aspects of life that are most important for me right now, and in spite of it possibly being challenging for me to hear, stuck in there with some very important points around what my soul is needing at this time rather than the more mundane, earthly things. It was very validating of where I'm at and what I feel is important on a soul level, and physical level, even though my mind has trouble honouring those parts of me that need attention, like nurturing my feminine side, and really focussing on giving to myself, and that I (specifically) don't need to do anything more than what makes me feel good and gives me joy, like art, and getting in touch with the earth and making my body feel good. It's much easier for me to feel I need to be "productive" and operate in life from a more utilitarian viewpoint, even where I am in my spiritual journey (!), than really honouring and knowing that taking care of myself in a deeper, more soulful, nurturing way is really the most important thing; the mundane utilitarian things can configure themselves around that.

I really loved the astrocartography session. It was exciting, and extremely informative, thorough, and helped me expand my horizons and possibilities in a big way ... this gave me a strong footing in specifically where was good for what, and confidence to go out there and explore, feeling buoyed by the knowledge already that say, this certain area in Colorado and just above the Bay Area would be perfect for having the kind of relationship I want, and the kind of life that would be exciting and growthful as well. It helped me see that I can have it all; and in different kinds of ways depending on what kind of lifestyle and environment I might be wanting at any point in my life. As they say in Maui; no ka oi - this was 'da best I've had! I almost can't wait until I'm ready to move, and get another reading from you!"
-Rachael Indra, Maui HI

"Hi Moses! You may not remember me, but we did a session over the phone almost a year ago, and I found it very uplifting and helpful. Some of the insight has just cycled into a full integration of understanding, and that is very exciting. I just wanted to drop a note to say thanks ... I would love to have a session with you in person."
-Jenna Crawford, Bend, OR

"My partner and I were looking to make a major move from Alaska and we ended up with too many excellent options of places to live. Each city was enticing in its own right. However because our future livelihoods depended on making a wise choice (we were leaving corporate America and each starting our own businesses) the choice was frightening and daunting. We decided to contact Moses for an astrolocality session. Based upon his clear, concise, and well thought out presentation we were able to narrow the field considerably. Our final choice - supported by Moses' analysis - turned out to be perfect. We have been in our new locale for almost 2 years and are completely in love with the city, the people, and the environs. We can't imagine living anywhere else. (And our businesses are slowly evolving into successful ventures too!) Thank you Moses!"
-Paul & Jim, Portland OR

"Hi Moses, I just wanted to thank you again for the Astrology Session. I'm glad it was taped so I can listen to it again & again. I really came away with a good feeling that is still with me today. I'm coming up with some cool creative ideas"
-Vicki Smarik, Scottsdale, AZ

"Thanks for the extra coaching time on the session. I have been to three different pros and this session was the best."
-BK, Indianapolis IN

"Thanks so much for the reading today. I really related
to what you were saying. I not only received insights,
but practical advice, also. It's important to be
spiritual, but also grounded - which is how I feel
right now, after our session."
-(details withheld for privacy), HI

You did a reading for me this year in January ... We did a good amount of astrocartography, as I was looking for another place for an investment and a second life.

You had agreed that Park City, Utah was one that you felt good about. You also made some epic statements about me being given an opportunity to "crawl out of the hole in the wall of my cell". This was to occur around June, if I spent the previous months in solitude and meditation, being receptive to incoming information.

Since that time, I have prayed constantly for, as I described it "parole". Well, the hole in the wall got big enough for me to crawl out of, and in September I put in an offer on a condo in Park City that I tripped over. It wasn't even on the market. This was during Jupiter's blessed influence in my chart ...

I now own the condo, and I am travelling back and forth. I have had some amazing experiences so far, mostly with people. In fact, the astrocartography description of my experience there is very accurate.

So, I thought you might like some feedback on one of your consultations. I have followed your advice very carefully, and I am doing very well now that I am back outside in the world and have my freedom. It has come with a new peace I have not known. Thank you for helping me to "escape"!

Second Email:

Just to spice it up a bit, you can add that since I closed on the property it has gone up $50,000, and the other real estate investments I have had in other states either lost money, or I came out even.

I think this is important for the nay-sayers. The timing of astrology to one's personal chart (rather than the "daily horoscope") as well as the accuracy of astrocartography and the resonance of a geographical location to an individual has been proven to me.

These kinds of influences I cannot ignore when reality happens and reflects my astrological research and consultations.

Let the quantum theorists take their time to get the Hubble telescopes out their to bring them their proof. I will stay with the oldest and most consistent mathematical astronomy in existence!
-T.C., Park City, UT

"I just want to thank you so much for the great locational reading you provided tonight. I really appreciate your attention to the fine detail and your listening to my feedback and ensuring that you are getting it right. I would recommend you to anyone, any time ... You're the greatest!"
-PR, Des Moines, IA

"The readings I have received from Moses Siregar have been extremely insightful and helpful. Even when I feel I can rely quite a bit on my intuition, it has been essential not to only have this validated, but to have Moses point out information that I would definitely have missed otherwise. Also in delicate situations he has been extremely skilled in indicating what my own attitude should be for most peace of mind and benefit. I consider him a very gifted and talented astrologer."
-Petra Hartt, Vancouver

"I really enjoyed my session with you! It was fun ... I appreciate all your suggestions and guidance and wisdom. You will hear from me again."
-Julia King, FL

"I listened to the tape from our session and it was great to hear some things that I hadn't quite heard in the same way before. Thank you for a productive and inspiring reading - inspiring because all sorts of new things are triggered each time I give it a listen."
-M.V.S., New York, NY

"I can honestly say that I was amazed at the depth and accuracy of my astrocartography session ... Because I am about to take on a job in which I will be travelling frequently, I wanted to get a little insight as to what places might work best for me, and where I may have difficulty. Our session consisted of both places I had already been, as well as places that I am considering travelling to. The energies that Moses described in places that I had been to were so accurate to what I had actually experienced, that it was almost as if he had followed me off the plane!"
-Julie Pharney, NY

"I want to tell you that things are going better with my son and things with my mother seem better from a, your readings were very good. Also, the place of being here is good. I feel like it is good place on the globe for me. which , as you said is surprising as everyone would think Hawaii is ideal. Work is better also.........less stress and a better fit for now …"
-Kathryn Norman, San Francisco, CA

"Moses, your readings seem to be right on target. The people in [place] were some of the rudest people I have ever met. That was the reading you gave me for [place]. I'm thinking Connecticut will have a softer side pertaining to relationships. The people there were friendlier and more laid back than [the other place]. You told me that a Venus line showing a sweet energy ran through Connecticut. I could tell this was true when I visited CT. It is not too far from my family, Cape Cod, the beach, Canada and it is close to New York, NY for shopping. I think I hit the jack pot!"
-A. Hudson, Lansing, IL

"Both my wife and I have been impacted by our session with Moses in the process of reviewing our planets and their configurations, to help provide us with a foundation to guide our relationship, business ventures, and general well being. We experienced a major shift in our perceptions of future events, directing us in a most positive light. We strongly recommend anyone who is interested in expanding their outlook on life to take the opportunity to work with Moses."
-Sincerely, Jeffrey & Molly Baruc, Interior Designer & Management Consultant, Atlanta, GA … another email sent later:

"... I got the CD of our astrology session. I listened through it again, and "heard" a lot more this time. I can't thank you enough because I already know it will be of great value (and encouragement) ..."
Love, LW, FL

"Thanks once again for that great relocation reading. Having that video of our session I believe will be invaluable. Looking at it just now I can see that I missed some things, but can go back and really understand what you were conveying. Such a great way of doing a session. I also enjoyed how you interweave eastern and western astrology. Thanks my friend."
-CM, Bakersfield CA

"There are some incredible things to share with you about my first trip to a place we identified as being very congenial for me, astrologically speaking. Since I am serious about relocating to an astrologically friendly, welcoming place I wanted to be sure you heard what happened so far:

* The very first place I had a meal, two waitresses invited me to move there, they each said just because I seemed like I would love it there and fit in beautifully.

* I made 3 acquaintence friends, two of whom invited me to stay with them in their homes on my very next visit-which I did.

* Happy,serendipitous situations were the norm for me that week in May.

* I "bumped" into 2 women at a coffee shop that are currently building an "earthen home" just like the kind I want to build, and we got along so well in that 30 minute chat, they invited me to come and see it the very next day, which I did. It is fantastic!!

* The local college and state are VERY small business oriented and welcome new people and businesses including providing lowered rent for office space, lowered utility and phone service, free classes for business improvement and support, some essentially free money to grow and sustain your business, some free advertising locally and many more business friendly practices-unbelievable!

* On the last day, I met a woman and found a wonderful place to rent once I move there. She's so excited to have me as a tenant, she has called me 4 times just to make sure I'm actually coming!

* They grow organic crops and provide very high quality food locally which is very important to me.

* I met, through referral by a complete stanger, a man who's profession is (for 30 years+) as a personal and business coach who is now helping me with many aspects of my move there in the next 6 months. He's been there for more than 50 years and knows everyone and most everything about the area and people, is reasonably priced for his services, LOVES helping all of his clients and can't wait to help in any way! This is just the help I need since I don't know anyone there and will be living by myself.

I really appreciate your generosity, kindness and meticulous attention to detail during my reading which made some unpalatable things easier to hear and release. Your gifts of astrological interpretation and the great care you take in sharing your insights are truly helpful and, as I have experienced, quite accurate. Thank you so much, will keep in touch about any splendid new developments.
-NR, Asheville, NC

"In February of this year we had a session with Moses and the segment on my business practice and the development of customers was pinpointed to the beginning of June timeframe. We now enter this time period and after many months of no business the doors are opening and business is starting to flow."

"Hi Moses, Thank you so much for the astrology reading. I keep remembering things and I have a more positive outlook."
-Jean Haughton, Colorado Springs, CO

"First of all, thank you so much for your reading ... Your reading was excellent, I feel as though I am getting out of a very stuck spot."
-S.S, CO

"Thank you for the informative session--
I am now even MORE excited about 2005 than
I was the last few weeks, and I have been looking forward to this year."
-Patti Greco, MA

"Moses Siregar is a reader in our store, Miracles Bookery, here on Maui. As the manager overseeing our readers, I feel inspired to write this testimonial for Moses.
I am very impressed with his skill and accuracy, as well as his sensitivity and intuition. He really feels people, and knows what they are seeking in a reading. They come away, not only with clarity and focus about their path, but also a deeper soul fulfillment. Moses is gifted in many areas and we feel blessed to have him in our family here at Miracles. The last reading he gave me was powerful, and informative. Moses is awesome, a very unique, wise, and tender being. He is loved dearly."
-Aloha, Victoria James, Miracles Bookery, Makawao, Maui, HI
(I have since moved from Hawaii to Arizona)

"Moses not only offers a learned reading of your birth chart, but also uses his abundant energy to channel your reading into more of a healing session and journey. He takes care and time to make sure that you understand the signs, symbols, terms, and times of your chart and their possible implications on your life's path."
-Kerry Fulford, Integral Hatha Yoga Instructor, Teacher of Herbal Studies, Athens GA

"A session with Moses is like opening up a book called 'Your Life.' He is clear and focused and gives valuable information lovingly and safely. My session uncovered so many truths for me. I will spend a lot of time with the well that he has helped me to uncover. It was a beautiful experience for me, and I highly recommend Moses as a source to learn from about loving yourself."
-Christy Gray, Moonlodge organizer, Bogart, GA

"The session was a confirmation and affirmation of the choices I have made in life. The information helped me gain insight which is leading me to understand myself more deeply. A great tool for anyone on a spiritual path!"
-Judi Spears, Athens Yoga Center Director, Athens, GA

"Thank you so much for the astrology session today. Your comments were very thoughtful and thought-provoking. I can hardly wait to get the tape so that I can listen again."
-Alice, Arvada, CO

"Many thanks for the session this past weekend,as well. Your integrity, authenticity and presence are a powerful gift. You da man!"
-Laurie Monahan, San Diego CA

"I certainly see why I was drawn to an appointment with you: the session and the articles on Tarus and Sixth House have yeilded much understanding and peace."
-With appreciation, Helen Livingston, Laurinburg, NC

"I've listened to the tape and that's when the true value of a session is shown by gaining insight from hearing it objectively. Beware of astrologers who don't tape your session. Would they rather you not really hear what was said?

With Moses I got the feeling of caring and presence and intuitively hitting the mark on what was most important. The information he told me on the Chiron - Jupiter - Pluto connection was very valuable and that Neptune hovered near my ascendant on my relocational chart gave me new insight as to how I project. This is what I call hitting the mark from the start and building from there.

It was also a well-balanced reading as he didn't just say what I wanted to hear but overall he confirmed that I'm in the right place at the right time with the right people and now I can just focus on making it happen and not really worry if I got it right.

Moses has a passion and an appreciation for flower essences which I share and he let me know about these rare orchid essences from Peru which I'm waiting to try out once they arrive.

If you are looking for an astrologer who has integrated Vedic and Western
methods and has a little something extra in his hat look no further and trust in the insight you will receive.

It may be written in the stars but one needs to read the script, make relevant connections and envision the surest possibility in the right time and one needs reliable help.
- Andrew Hurko, Toronto Canada

"Moses' wise and intuitive ways are truly remarkable. He continues to be a great source of guidance and inspiration to everyone he meets. We are so fortunate to have his extraordinary services available right now."
-Love, Michael Loveman, Musician, Boulder, CO

Hi Moses ... J
ust wanted to thank you for the very informative and helpful reading for A. and myself. It really validated my experience of the east coast versus California. They really have been like two different incarnations.

Anyway, I'm strongly considering relocating back to the east coast later this year. We'll definitely recommend your services to our friends."
-PJR, Santa Monica, CA

"Two years ago, I relocated myself and my business to Los Angeles, CA. Before the move, I met with Moses for a locational astrology consultation. Moses described many experiences and interactions that might possibly come about during my time living in Los Angeles. I am now writing this recommendation two years after living in Los Angeles, and everything Moses predicted in that initial reading has been true. Because of this astrological foresight I was given, and by knowing what to expect, it has really helped me to handle and make the most of the things that have transpired. Because of this initial experience, I really look forward to visiting the other places that Moses thought would be beneficial."
-A.C., Los Angeles CA

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