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The Free Course by Moses Siregar III:

Zodiac Signs: Your Relationship With Each Zodiac Sign - Exercise 1

Which Signs Do You Have a Problem With? / What are the Positive Qualities of Each Sign? - Exercise 2

Deepest Principles of the Zodiac - Exercise 3

Apparent Oppositions Within The Signs of The Zodiac - Exercise 4

The Circle of Growth Through the Zodiac - Exercise 5

The Six Axes in Astrology - Exercise 6

The Astrological Alphabet

A Diagram of Planets, Signs, and Houses: Glyphs and Rulerships

The Four Elements in Astrology

Recommended Reading

Using parts 1 & 2 of the Course/Tutorial Together

Interpreting the Sun in Astrology

Interpreting the Moon in Astrology

Interpreting the Ascendant, ASC, or Rising Sign

Interpreting the Midheaven, or MC

Interpreting Mercury

Background on Venus and Mars and a bit about Mercury

Interpreting Venus and Mars

Interpreting Jupiter

Background on Saturn

Interpreting Saturn

Interpreting Chiron

Chiron Transits

Background on the Outer Planets

Interpreting Uranus

Interpreting Neptune

Interpreting Pluto

Interpreting the Moon's Nodes

The Twelve Nodal Polarities

Interpreting the Lunar Cycle

The Lunar Phases

Interpreting the Dharma Point/Part or Lot of Fortune


Astrology For The Soul with Moses Siregar III

Astrology Readings and Flower Essence Consultations with Astrologer Moses Siregar III

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Advanced Relocational Astrocartography Class

Testimonials for Astrologer Moses Siregar III

Bush-Kerry, "Curses," and Sports Symbolism for the Presidential Race

Bush, Kerry, Nixon, and the Ghosts of Presidents Past

Kerry vs. Bush: the 2004 US Presidential Elections - Astrology Predictions

Numerous Blog Entries

John Kerry and Iowa Caucus Predictions

New Hampshire Predictions Kerry-Dean

Superbowl Patriots vs. Panthers Astrology Predictions

The Venus Transit

Free Astrology Course: Learn Astrology

Taurus: A Holistic View

Astrology Compatibility: Compatible Relationships and Synastry

An Alternative to Astrology and Synchronicity: Metaphysical Causality

The Spiritual Dimension of Pluto Aspects

On Chiron Transits and Magi Astrology

Belief in Bible Stories and Astrology

Run For Your Lives! Scary Jupiter trine Jupiter Transits!

Astrology and Intuition and the Association for Young Astrologers (AYA)

Howard Dean Throws in the Towel, Picks Up Another

Ralph Nader: Holy Aquarius!

George W. Bush's New War on Al-Gayda and the US'S Constitution

Bach Remedies Greatest Hits

Virgo: Guilt, Acceptance, Love, & Awakening

Astrology is Like Saying "Super-Size It"

12th House: Why Sunrise?

Born Under a Dark Moon: Third Quarter and Balsamic

Gibbous Moons & All 8 Lunar Phases

Post on Quintiles

Sunrise, Sunset, and Meditation on the Planets and Stars

An Interesting Approach to Compatibility, Inspired by the Magi Society

On Aspect Orbs in Magi Astrology

Pluto and Pluto-Moon

The Utterly Irrelevant Humor Page on How to be a Good Wife

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Astrology on Current Events in Popular Culture with Bill Streett

Vedic Astrology with Vaughn Paul Manley

Financial Astrology with Ray Merriman

Galactic Astrology with Philip Sedgwick

The Asteroids with Cathy H. Burroughs

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Astrology and Tarot on Current Events with Steffan Vanel

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